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Making promising artisans, builders and mayors play it hard in SimCity Buildit

The latest freemium outing from EA in the form of SimCity Buildit is another feather in the cap of the acclaimed and celebrated franchise. As the builder and mayor, you have routine and regular schemes to execute from the seat of power. Yes, you’re a powerful mayor too and you have to keep your citizens happy and contented. If you have no skills or training in modern town-planning or have no knowledge or background in politics, then don’t worry. The game allows you build and align your structure wherever you wish to. If the townsfolk becomes irate or discontented over a compulsive settlement beside a carbon monoxide emitting nuclear power plant, you need to solve it.

The game’s pointers

If you make a catastrophic decision to build residences adjacent to a toxic nuclear plant, you need to try and manage the fiasco by replacing the unit.

  • Placing residential units in industrial zones is a blunder in itself and you should avoid making such mistakes in this strategy game.
  • The new franchise is less complicated as compared to its senior cousin. The mobile play sessions and snaps are quick and bit-sized, which enhances the flow of the game.
  • While these games in the conventional series had a leaning towards motivating players to conceptualize and plan in square and specific modalities, SimCity propels you to emphasize on alignment and lines.

The primary affirmatives

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You build both industries and houses along the dedicated zones and streets in the city. The same applies to all the utilities. You can keep each one active and running in a controlled manner.

  • Since you’ve the power and legitimacy to allocate spaces to buildings and utility structures, you are also your own boss. It means you have to handle all other tasks in the book. You can use the new simcity buildit hack to do it fast and for free.
  • You allocate special spheres for factories and residential buildings so that they can flourish in their respective folds.
  • Players won’t have any mucking around, flipping or toying with power lines or pipes. It’s a nice feature for those playing the game on a small screen of phone tab.

Overcoming the odds

The game’s orderly pattern and game-play entails certain glitches that jeopardizes the main objective at times.

  • A player’s level nourishes and regulates the expansion and gamut of a game. It’s a general aspect that remains customary for most free-to-play games like SimCity.
  • Players end up asking each other about the main order or purpose that the game stands for.
  • It’s good and definitely encouraging to see players willing to toss the regulations out of the window and building neighborhoods in protest or rage. The game gives you that free hand, if you choose to have it.

A fulfilling experience

The developers give you the free hand to call your shots, take decisions and swipe them to make you feel like the boss. Bolstered by brilliant graphics, SimCity Buildit has a fascinating game-play. It makes the traffic jams, signals, hustle and bustle and the citizens on the streets very appealing. The visuals make the scene come to life.